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Sports physicals are routine exams that evaluate your physical well-being. Children and teens who play sports are often required to get sports physicals, but routine physical exams are beneficial for people of all ages. Book a sports physical or annual physical at White Lake Family Medicine in White Lake, Michigan, by calling the office or using the online scheduling tool today.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What are sports physicals?

Physical exams evaluate your whole-body health. They generally include a review of your health history and a series of tests to assess your vital signs and mobility. Sports physicals are common for children and teens, but adults can benefit from routine physical exams, too.

School-aged children and teens often need sports physicals before starting a new sport or a new season. Sometimes, physicals are required when a child enters a new grade or a new school. During their physical, White Lake Family Medicine ensures they’re healthy enough to participate safely in sporting activities.

What happens during sports physicals?

Your physical is tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re an adult getting your annual exam or a teen getting a sports physical for the upcoming season, the team at White Lake Family Medicine offers comprehensive exams for all ages.

Your provider typically begins by reviewing your medical history. Be prepared to answer questions about your health and lifestyle, including your diet and any drug or alcohol use. If you have any pre-existing injuries, let them know.

After taking your medical history, the provider evaluates your vital signs. They take your height and weight. Some common tests during physical exams include body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. They also listen to your heart and lungs to evaluate their function.

A sports physical may also include tests for strength and mobility. Your provider may assess your hearing, eyesight, and joint flexibility to ensure you can safely participate in physically demanding activities.

When should I schedule sports physicals?

Most people should have annual physical exams because a major goal of physicals is prevention. The assessments are designed to detect early warning signs of chronic conditions, and getting regular physicals can also reduce your risk of injury if you play sports.

If your child is enrolled in school or participates in sports, their school district may require regular sports physicals. Getting routine sports physicals helps ensure your child stays as healthy as possible as they grow.

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