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If you get symptoms from something in your environment but you’re not sure of the cause, you might spend all of your time in fear of another reaction. White Lake Family Medicine in White Lake, Michigan, provides allergy testing to help find the cause of your allergic reactions. To request your allergy test, call the office or use the online scheduling tool today.

Allergy Testing Q & A

What are allergies?

Allergies are immune system reactions to substances in your environment that are normally harmless to people, like food, pollen, and pet dander. If you have an allergy, your immune system treats your allergen (the substance causing your allergic reaction) as a dangerous invader. As a result, you get symptoms when you encounter your allergen.

Common symptoms of allergic reactions are:

  • Rashes and hives
  • Sneezing
  • Breathing problems
  • Watery eyes
  • Face and throat swelling

If your allergy is severe, it can trigger a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can cause you to lose consciousness, stop breathing, feel lightheaded, or vomit uncontrollably.

What is allergy testing?

White Lake Family Medicine offers in-office allergy testing to help you identify the cause of your allergic reactions. The team performs allergy testing to evaluate possible allergens. Skin tests are the most common type of allergy test.

Your provider starts by scratching your skin’s surface and applying a small amount of your possible allergen. If the results aren’t conclusive, they might inject some of your allergen deeper into your skin or ask that you wear an adhesive patch with suspected allergens on your skin for several days.

Skin testing is effective for a range of common allergens, including:

  • Environmental
  • Food and nuts
  • Grass, trees, and pollen
  • Animal and pet

After your allergy test, your provider interprets your results to determine what, if anything, triggers allergic reactions for you.

How does allergy testing help me prevent a reaction?

Allergy tests help you identify the exact cause of your allergic reactions. Once you know what’s causing your sneezing, labored breathing, skin rash, or other symptoms, you’re better able to avoid the cause in the future and stop a reaction from happening.

Additionally, once you identify your allergen, White Lake Family Medicine may prescribe you medications to ease the symptoms of allergic reactions when they occur. Even when you know your allergen, it can be difficult or impossible to avoid it entirely. 

If you have a suspected allergy but aren’t sure what’s causing your reactions, call White Lake Family Medicine for prompt allergy testing or request your appointment online today.

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