David Leszkowitz, DO

Board Certified Family Medicine & Addiction Medicine Physician located in White Lake, MI

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Meet Dr. Leszkowitz

David Leszkowitz, DO, is board certified in addiction medicine and family medicine and is one of just a handful of physicians with these credentials in the state of Michigan. As the founder of White Lake Family Medicine, Dr. Leszkowitz has served the community of White Lake, Michigan, for over 30 years. He has advised many over the years and helped all those who came before him. He effortlessly fights for his patients’ well-being on many fronts. He is held in high esteem by his colleagues, medical educators, insurance companies, and the hospitals for which he advises, and advocates tirelessly on behalf of his patients.

His past and present positions as chief of hospital medical departments, director of in- and outpatient substance use disorder clinics, medical educator and clinical faculty at major medical schools, and as a lecturer training other physicians in the field of addiction have proven to be extremely important in helping those patients most in need. Dr. Leszkowitz is one of just four mentors of addiction medicine to other physicians in the state of Michigan. This is through PCSS (Provider Clinical Support Services) with the American College Of Addiction Psychiatry.

Dr. Leszkowitz is just one of seven physicians in the state of Michigan credentialed through the American Society Of Addiction Medicine to teach other physicians to be certified in practicing addiction medicine. Dr. Leszkowitz practices the teachings from his medical education, and he holds dear the oath he took upon graduating from medical school: “Do no harm. Do not judge. Accept all that comes.” He teaches other young students and resident physicians the very same principles.

At White Lake Family Medicine, patients come first, and everyone is treated with great respect. Patients notice a kind, confidential, and caring staff of nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, all board-certified, as well as highly trained therapists and social workers. Therefore, all that is asked of you at White Lake Family Medicine is to come in.

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