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Meet Chaka Chipawe, NP-C

Chaka Chipawe, NP-C, is a board-certified nurse practitioner at White Lake Family Medicine who partners closely with Dr. David Leszkowitz to serve the community of White Lake, Michigan. He treats all types of addictive disorders and specializes in the assessment and treatment of all addictions. His professional expertise extends to advocacy for his patients before insurance and other agencies to ensure approval and provision of necessary tools for satisfactory recovery.

He attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he received a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Mr. Chipawe then further pursued his studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where he graduated with his Master of Science in Nursing, which qualified him as a Certified Nurse Practitioner in the state of Michigan. While working in the multi-specialty, select specialty, long-term acute care hospital unit, he completed his master’s degree with a subspecialty in adult gerontology care.

Mr. Chipawe began working at White Lake Family Medicine with Dr. Leszkowitz in 2016. He is involved in the entire continuum of care of patients, and you will see him in the office and occasionally the hospital. His passion is in the office, where, along with Dr. Dave, their primary purpose is health promotion and prevention with the goal of preventing his patient population from needing hospital visits.

Mr. Chipawe is an active member of several professional organizations, including the American Society of Addiction Medicine, which has fueled his forever-growing passion for the prevention of fatalities from drug overdose. He works with patients already in recovery and those who have the same goal of reaching recovery, providing long-term support for those who suffer from this disease. Alongside Dr. Leszkowitz, Mr. Chipawe has managed the treatment of people with co-occurring disorders.

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